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Bar Stool Reference Guide

Kitchen Stools-Bar Stools: They can accent your home décor beautifully while serving as a fully functional piece of furniture in many rooms, including kitchens, game rooms, or bar areas. Over time, stools have evolved from simple wooden seats to the hundreds of attractive designs that are built to fit your every need in every space! However, choosing the perfect stool is more involved than identifying an eye-catching style. If the stool you like doesn’t fit your table or counter-space height, it will not be of much use. Here are some tips, from the retail stool experts at GreatGatherings, to selecting the perfect stool.


First, determine the height of the stool you will need. Measure from the top edge of your counter, table, or bar surface to the floor, and write that measurement down.

    ·34" “Extra Tall” Stools: Recently, in newer homes, the counter that separates the kitchen from the family living space has been built to a height of 44 to 48 inches; for this height, you need a stool with a seat height of 34 inches from the floor – or what is commonly referred to as an “extra tall” barstool. GreatGatherings has the largest selection of “extra tall” barstools in America.

    ·30" “Bar” Stools: Home bars are commonly between 40 and 42 inches in height. If the surface you are trying to match falls in this range, you’ll want a barstool with a 30-inch seat height from the floor – or what is commonly referred to as a “bar height” barstool.

    ·24-26" “Counter Height” Stools: Kitchen counter surfaces, generally in the 34- to 38-inch height range, will accommodate a stool with a 24- to 26-inch seat height from the floor – or what is commonly referred to as a “counter height stool.”

If your table, home bar, or counter doesn’t fall into these limits, we suggest that you allow 10 to 13 inches between the bottom of your table or counter and the top of the barstool seat.

An additional tip: Leave between 24 to 28 inches of space from the centers of each seat in between stools if lined up along a counter.


Our vast selection of the finest stools will guarantee that you will find a beautiful, durable, and comfortable stool to complement your space and serve your needs for years to come. GreatGatherings Bar Stools are available in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary to the unmatched, luxurious Renaissance line. We offer frames and seats in various styles and shapes along with myriad finishes – all impacting the feel and design of the stool. Here are some to consider:

Stool Construction – Wood: This is an area where quality can vary. We feel that the highest-quality wood frames are crafted from kiln-dried solid hardwoods and, most important, are built using mortise-and-tenon construction principles, the trademark of high quality, super strong furniture for hundreds of years. Wood stools tend to be more traditional in styling but are available in many contemporary finishes and leathers (or upholstery and cushions) that will fit your taste.

Stool Construction – Metal: We have an ample selection of metal stools to accent any home setting and fit any décor. Our selection will also fit a variety of budget demands without sacrificing quality. For the discerning consumer, we provide Uniweld construction that stands the long-term test of time. Finishes range from muted chrome and silver to warmer, darker hues to complement your décor.

Seat Cushions: Our 3-inch seat cushions provide long-lasting comfort and durability. Most seats, finished in bonded leather for a long life, feel great to the touch and are easy to clean.

As an accent to any room in the house, the perfect stool from GreatGatherings can fit all your décor needs, so please invest the time to select!

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