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How large does my room need to be?
8' Pool Table requires approximately 13' 2" x 16' 10".
7' Pool Table requires approximately 12' 8" x 16'.
9' Pool Table requires approximately 13' 7" x 17' 9".
Great Gatherings offers cues in a variety of lengths from 36" to 57" to alleviate any and all tight spaces!

How are your pool tables manufactured?
Our tables are designed, engineered and assembled to the strictest quality standards in the industry. All tables have wide, solid American hardwood rails and diamond shaped inlaid sites. The pockets are genuine leather and reinforced with solid steel. We use only the highest grade of felt and the bumpers are 100% natural gum rubber molded at a K-66 profile (meaning they are professional tournament quality). Furthermore, Great Gatherings is one of the few companies that has a written lifetime warranty on its bumpers.

How thick is the slate?
We use professional slate that is 1” thick. The slate is also backed with a wood border to help quiet the play and provide a surface that enables us to secure the bed cloth permanently to the table for better play over the lifetime of the table.

Is the slate one piece?
No, to enable better machining, handling and finally leveling of the table in your home, the slate surface is actually made of three separate pieces. Once the slate is secured to the table frame by the professional installer he will fill the seam of the three pieces to create one solid, uninterrupted play surface.

What equipment is included?
A photo and detailed list of the equipment is included in our on-line presentation.

Will the pool table and game room furniture just show up at my home? What if I'm not there? Where will they leave it?
Don't worry — we'll make this process as simple as possible for you. When the pool table or game room furniture arrives at the shipping terminal nearest your home, the trucking company will call you and schedule an appointment to deliver the pool table and furniture to your residence.

Who is building this table?
Great Gatherings has professional contractors throughout the USA that will perform your in home installation.

How long will it take to build the table in my home?
Once the installer arrives at your home he should be finished within 3 hours. Once the table is installed it cannot be moved. If it is moved at all it will not remain level. This is not covered in your warranty and cannot be re-leveled for free.

Does installation apply to the furniture collections too?

Please note that our professional installation service applies only to the pool table unless explicitly stated otherwise. For an additional cost, we will be happy to install any furniture collection you purchase from us as well.

What if I live in a very remote area, or have extremely limited access to my residence that might make it difficult to get such a large crate into my garage? Can I still order a table from you?
Absolutely. For a small fee, we will arrange to have the pool table installer receive your pool table delivery. Then they will drive the items to your home in a small truck or van and install your pool table the same day they deliver it.

What is the warranty on this table?
All of our pool tables include a life-time warranty.

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