Our Mission:


Inspiring family and friends to connect more often in the home.


Human beings are social creatures by nature – they long to talk, share, interact and connect with those who are near and dear to them. Unfortunately, these connective needs are often trumped by the demands of an ever-quickening pace-of-life.


Great Gatherings has taken up the challenge of changing the way people gather and connect. We strive to be the antidote to a hectic and hurried lifestyle. It’s our belief that nothing is more important than satisfying our innate need for socialization. Thus, our stores celebrate social interaction in the home. 

 Our brand vision is full of ideas and possibilities. It is a vision that encourages us to find new ways to inspire (and equip) people to connect with each other more often in the home.


We strive to create an extraordinary shopping experience that enables you to fully visualize what your home’s entertaining space can become.


The goal is to inspire everyone our product touches to spend more time gathering in their homes for fun with families and friends. It is our desire to do all we can to foster the growth of positive connection that helps build family values, traditions and memories that will pass from generation to generation.


The value we hold in our own families and friends should be apparent to everyone that is a part of our mission. We will continue to put family first, while also building a healthy and sustainable work culture that enables everyone to achieve fulfillment within their lives.