Style-Driven Designs

At GreatGatherings it is our philosophy that furnishing the space outside your home should be no different than furnishing any room in your home.


It should be a fun and exciting experience with no limits or barriers to your style and design choices. It’s our hope that your outdoor furniture selections could be used to express your true, inner energy.


In order for us to provide you with those selection opportunities, we  work tirelessly, traveling the world to collaborate with artisans, furniture designers, color experts and trending style specialists to ensure we always create the most innovative, forward-thinking, progressive design elements from all walks of life.


If you love modern or contemporary designs, we have it, transitional styles, traditional furniture and every material choice of your desire is available. From the most advanced to the most acceptable!
Every outdoor entertaining space deserves to be unique and beautiful...just like the world around us.

Let us help you find exactly what you're looking for so we can create the outdoor entertaining space of your dreams...together

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